Jul – Oct 2022.


My role
Conversation Designer.


Figma, Slack, Cognigy.

Project Overview

Decathlon is a French sporting goods retailer. With over 175 stores in Spain (2023).

I developed a chatbot to help store leaders with daily inquiries and alleviates the workload on the Legal Department.


  • Reduced waiting time on the phone o email. 
  • Lawyers can focus on complex matters.
  • 24/7 service.





The Challenge


Decathlon’s legal team were experiencing peak times during which the store leaders seeks for direct support.

Having less than 10 lawyers on board who were swamped with requests, often about frequently asked questions, causing delayed in important issues and leading to potential problems down the road.

Reducing the burden of repetitive tasks on store leaders and ensuring proactively, are two examples of challenges the Decathlon’s Legal Team wished to tackle.

My role


As a Conversational Designer I toke ownership of the ChatBot design from concept to delivery.

My responsibilities included: 

  • Create the bot profile: naming, personality, etc.
  • Design a consistent voice and tone for Elliot.
  • Research.
  • User Journey Map.
  • Flows.
  • Scriptwriting.

The team


A member of the Legal Department, an IT Engineer, an IA – Chatbot & GPT developer, and a Conversation Designer.



Scrum – Agile.

Information Architecture and flows

Chatbot capabilities

Conversational AI brings together data across systems to drive resolutions and smoother user journeys. 


  • NLU.
  • Smart self-service.
  • Agent + Assist.
  • Human like conversation.
  • Personalized interactions.
  • Multiodal experiences.
  • Data driven optimization. 

Achievements and contribution to the project

  • Designing NLP and NLU models, generating data and training the initial model, and evaluating and improving NLU accuracy, using Cognigy.