Sep – Oct 2021.


My role
Content Designer.


Miro, Trello, Collect.chat.

Project Overview

Soy Maratonista is a B2C and B2B website providing training plans, advice, workouts, and videos from experts to runners around LATAM, the United States, and Spain, being one of the biggest with Spanish Content around the world.

The ultimate vision for this project was to automate and digitalize the purchasing process allowing 24/7 access to products and reducing human interaction.


Bots 🤖

Project timeline


The project was divided into three main stages: Research, Script design, and testing.

My role


As a UX Content Designer was to take ownership of the ChatBot design, from concept to delivery.

My responsibilities included: Research, User Journey Map, Scriptwriting, User flow, Usability testing, Interaction, and collaboration with the development team.


Information Architecture and User Flow


Create the Bot personality. Therefore, his tone, voice, and ability to joke.

Some Script Highlihts!

– Oh no! 🤖 My bot wisdom tells me that your email is invalid. Please try again!


– Thanks, folk! You can also ranking me by selecting a smiling or a sad face sticker.

Pssst! I know I am a Chatbot but I still have feelings 🤖 (Well, the people behind me have).


–  Still here? Go train!

Or in the meantime, you can: Go to our online shop, know our corporate services, Subscribe to the newsletter, start from scratch.


– Thanks to this Advanced Training Plan you will finish the marathon feeling as Leo DiCaprio in Titanic as “The King of the World”.

Usability Study

After completing the above, we conducted a usability study with real users to see how the Chatbot performs and identify any issues of the current one.