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Conversation Designer | Chatbot | UX Writer

Hey, my name is Giuliana and I’m socially awkward at first!

This is not an excuse, it is what it is. And decided to say it due I have been struggling at interviews! Yes, I’m that candidate that makes jokes, paralyzed, or excuses themselves for their non native English when it isn’t bad at all. 

I need time to feel comfy, concentrate, and do my best. 

They have something to say about my work.

Giuliana has got laser-point precision when it comes to UX. She helped me craft Somos Impulso’s Web architecture from an user experience and inclusion perspective.

Project: UX|UI Design

Renier chico - Somos Impulso

Keni bot is ingenious, funny and problem solving. We’ve reduced the user contact rate by 78%

Project: Voice, tone, and info architecture

Soy Maratonista

Conversational Design – Chatbot

Happy path to buy a seat for a flight

How did I become a Freelancer and Senior Content Designer?

Well, that’s a long story but basically with time, effort, lots of Youtube tutorials, Medium posts, and free online stuff. Allowing myself to fail knowing I was in the right path.

Started as International Journalist in my early 20’s, got a Copywriting opportunity later, managed Social Media after, decided to jump in UX Writing near my 33’s. In the Covid pandemic I was inspired and push forward to become a full-time freelancer.

Also, I have been perfecting my writing skills and published three books.

Inclusion Matters!


As an immigrant, latina, woman, and queer, I do my very best to create inclusive content.

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