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Hey, i’m Giuliana

UX-Writer experienced in Conversation Design for Chatbots and video games.

Chatbot, Decathlon

Conversational Design, flows, NLU (intents, Lexicons, slots), with Cognigy, for Decathlon’s Spain Legal Department.

Cognigy chatbot para Decathlon

Giuliana is responsible and committed to deadlines. She is all good ideas and creativity.

María José Gómez, Project leader

Chatbot – Soy Maratonista

Conversational Design ITR, decision tree, and gamification.

Narrative Design – Video Game

Write the story, narrative arc, characters, locations, missions.

Chatbot – Airline

Happy Path’s Conversational Design for buying a seat.

Blog: Let’s talk to the bot

There are too many chatbots in this world that are useless (sorry not sorry). Thats why I’ve the mission to create bots that leave the world a little better than they found it.

Join me to analyze the bots on the market and learn with me how to improve them.

This is what I’ve done

UX Writing, inclusive content courses and talks, websites, Podcasts and much more. Everything related to writing and design with words.

Inclusion matters!

As latin, woman, and lesbian migrant, I’m awesome creating inclusive content.


I’ve designed dozens of user experience optimized websites. UX/UI.

Products description + SEO

Describe and explain the benefits of Kenkoh’s shoes. I provided all the information and details of the products on the ecommerce site.

Check it out!

SEO for OTD NGO in Chile

I placed OTDs web page ranks in search engines for keywords and search query: Transexual, ley de identidad en chile, ONG transexuales.


Tools that I love





Adobe XD









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